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1. My cooling bills are too high, what can I do to reduce them?

 > Change the air filter frequently

Use the correct filter, the pleated style filters are not recommended as they cut the air flow too much.

Pull the curtains on any southern or westerly windows or sliding glass doors.

Have the system serviced. Even with regular filter changes the inside coil can get dirty.

2. It takes forever for the house to cool down. What can I do?

If the relative humidity is high, it will take many hours to cool the house down. Think of it this way: when you open the freezer door on the refrigerator and the fan is running you feel  an immediate surge of cold air. Now if you fill the ice cube tray, it will not instantly freeze. The reason is  it takes longer to cool water than air

3. My air conditioner is not cooling like it used to. Can you add Freon?

In most cases the problem is not a low refrigerant charge. A low charge indicates a leak in the system which is rare. If I add refrigerant when it’s not needed, the system can be severely damaged and the performance will actually decline. There are many causes for this problem and refrigerant charge is usually the last thing checked.

4. The air conditioner is just not coming on.

Many wall thermostats have a delay feature which protects the system from coming on too quickly after its last cycle. It may take as long as 10 minutes for it to reset.

Check the circuit breaker or fuses. There will be a separate circuit for the indoor unit, the outdoor unit and possibly the disconnect switch located by the outdoor unit.

** If your system is older than 7 years old it may be worthwhile to replace the system. The efficiency of the most basic systems has increased by 30% recently. The more efficient systems, 15 SEER or higher still qualify for a federal tax credit and provide a 50% reduction in cooling costs of a typical older 10 SEER system.

5. Why are you using Rheem products?

>  I have been using Rheem for the last 10 years and have found them to be quite reliable. They do not cut corners on quality, using only the best components available and not using cheaper aluminum coils, instead using copper. I have installed Rheem products in my own home and am greatly satsified.

6. I have been told that my system needs to be replaced. Can you confirm this for me?

Yes, I will check the system for a major failure that requires it to be replaced, I will do this at NO CHARGE. I will also offer a free quote for replacement.

7.The company that was out told me that I only need to replace the outdoor unit. Is this correct?

>  It may be possible to re-use the old indoor unit, but I do not recommend it. The old coils were not designed to handle the increased pressures of the new refrigerant now used. Also, the old coils will not match the new outdoor unit for performance. The net result is that the system will not be as effective as it could be.

8. The quote I received from Koala Enterprises was much lower than the competition. Can you explain?

> We are a small company without a large staff of employees. My overhead is low and my costs are low; I pass those savings on to my customers.  I believe that being a small company allows me to maintain a high quality of expertise.  I am proud to provide exceptional customer service. If you are like me, when you find someone who is good at what they do and treats you right… you stick with them.  My customers would agree that I have been doing just that.



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